why I love packed lunches!

When you start to observe and realise what gut reactions you have to food, you quickly become aware of how difficult it is to eat out and find meals that you can tolerate.

Lunch box

There is nothing worse that being stuck somewhere without any food of your own and being hungry and being faced with heaps of eateries but they all contain food with wheat or dairy! I was an an airport recently and I went to each little eatery and checked the menu. Nope, nothing I can eat here. No, nothing here either. Mmm maybe I could eat this, (ask the server about the ingredients), nope. So I just ended up having some fruit!

I really don’t like being away from my own kitchen and feeling hungry and because of that I always try and pack food to take with me. Whether it be on a plane, a car trip, a trip to the shopping centre, uni or hiking, or even to visit family and friends!

Lunch box

Sometimes it might consist of just a small container of nuts and a banana thrown into my handbag, but often I like to pack a full lunch bag!

If you've been following me on Instagram you may have noticed that I've been posting a lot about what I eat for lunch. Taking a packed lunch to work, school or uni is something that I have always done but it has been an especially great tool to help manage my gut issues. Here are my top reasons why I take my lunch with me:

  • It allows you to pack food that you know you can eat
  • It means that you’ll never get hungry, because hunger can lead you to make poor food choices and choose things that you know will likely cause a gut reaction
  • You don’t have to worry about eating something and having a reaction. Less stress!
  • You don’t have to worry about hidden ingredients that aren’t on the menu!
  • It's cost effective! Cooking up a little extra for dinner and then taking it for lunch the next day can save you lots of $$
Lunch box

I really love my Lunchbots Bento lunchbox and in Australia you can buy them from a number of authorized online stockists including Shop Naturally which has a variety of sizes. They are not cheap but they are made from stainless steel and they're dishwasher safe which makes for easy cleaning.

I also have a wide variety of simple little glass containers with colourful lids that I picked up from Daiso where everything is $2.80! They are great to use for food that needs to be reheated in a microwave.

I hope you can find inspiration here from these pics, because it really is a nice feeling to know you have a packed lunch full of goodies just waiting for you to tuck in, that are good for your gut!