Whole30 fail

In my post from last week Low FODMAP Whole30 update I wrote that yes of course I would finish the Whole30. But yeah, that didn’t happen. I got to day 20 and then I failed. But I’m still smiling!

I quote my own words here from last week , “I realised that the point of doing the Whole30 was to honour my health and listen to what is has been trying to tell me”. Well I still did that but just not in the way I had envisioned when I wrote that. Will this be a cliché post about how it wasn’t really a failure because I learnt so much. Yes, I think it may be, but that’s ok because it’s true.

Managing digestive issues through dietary changes can be tough. In order to feel good and healthy there are many sacrifices that need to be made. I can’t just follow the 80/20 rule and eat what I want 20% of the time, because that indulgence will leave me with unpleasant physical symptoms for the other 80% of the day or week. I would love to indulge with a mango, a whole fresh mango all to myself, or a slice or two of chewy soughdough bread. However, if I do I’ll end up with bloating and abdominal pain that will last the rest of the day and it’s just not worth it.

20 days of the Whole30 did help improve my energy and stress levels, sleep, IBS symptoms, muscle aches and dermatitis but it also heightened the feeling of restriction that I already undergo everyday.

I love the Whole30 concept and I have done it twice, successfully, and it really was the catalyst for great change in my life but on the weekend I realised that I just didn’t want to do it for another 10 days. I was sitting in a busy Italian restaurant for a friends birthday and I was looking around at the other tables feeling envious. People were having steaming bowls of creamy pasta and plates of crusty pizza delivered to their tables and I really wanted to go back five years to a time when I could eat the same food happily with no side effects.

But I couldn’t and so I ordered a compliant salad and my husband ordered a gluten free pizza. When his was delivered first, I didn’t think twice and I had two slices before my salad arrived. My salad looked great, but paled in comparison to the prosciutto and prawn pizza, but I finished the salad anyway. I didn’t think at that point that I had failed the Whole30 until I realised that the gluten free base was probably made of rice flour or another non-compliant grain and probably wasn’t very Whole30 at all.

I didn’t experience any digestive issues that evening and so the next day I decided to stop. I have my own personal list of compliant foods that help me manage my symptoms and I need to find a way to add to that list, not take things away. In this way, I really am honouring my health and listening to my body and so perhaps I have ‘not’ failed Whole30 at all.