low FODMAP Whole30 update

I’m halfway there, it’s Day 15 of my third Whole30 in three years. It’s different this time because I’ve been through it twice already and my current eating patterns are not as different to the Whole30 compliant foods as they were the first time.

I have also chosen to follow the compliant ingredient list but combine these ingredients in any way I like, which means that I have made pancakes, fries, bread etc. This is because I don’t have issues or triggers with any particular meals or dishes but rather just ingredients.

So why do it again?

In November 2015, I developed dermatitis around my right eye. Over the past six months it has travelled around my face. My right eye cleared up, but it moved to the right side of my nose and mouth, then it cleared up around my nose and moved to the left side of mouth, then to both sides of my mouth.

Over the past six-seven months I also began to introduce more FODMAP foods into my diet including teff, buckwheat, sorghum, brown rice flour, honey, sugar, some legumes, cheese and I began eating out more (which meant that I was not always sure what I was actually eating).

My digestive issues were under control most of the time but I was still getting the occasional bout of abdominal discomfort.

To resolve the dermatitis and the abdominal discomfort I tried to avoid some of the new foods for a few days or a week and I tired herbs, a cream and limited the use of makeup to help with the rash and some days it would be better but then it would change and worsen. Based on advice from a naturopath I decided that I needed to be diligent and really focus on eliminating all possible dietary causes of the dermatitis.

What’s happened in the past two weeks?

  1. I was exhausted for the first week, tired all day, everyday, but now I have plenty of energy
  2. The craving for a sweet treat was strong at times during the first 10 days but faded when I ate warming foods (pumpkin, turmeric milk, herbal tea)
  3. The dermatitis has improved! Hooray! It’s still there but not as noticeable and it seems to be getting better each day
  4. I no longer have any abdominal pain and no other IBS symptoms
  5. I have been less stressed (despite sitting two exams!) and I have been sleeping pretty well
  6. Some ongoing muscle aches and pains in my back have also improved
  7. I’ve been working on more savoury than sweet dishes like the stuffed potato dish pictured, yum!

Will I finish the last two weeks?

Yes, of course. On Saturday night I was having dinner with a friend and I was looking forward to a glass of red wine after finishing two exams in two days, but when I looked at the menu I remembered that I was on the Whole30 and I couldn’t drink any alcohol!

At that point it crossed my mind to order a glass anyway. No one would find out.

However, I realised that the point of doing the Whole30 was to honour my health and listen to what it has been trying to tell me. It wasn’t about anyone else but me, so yes, I could have had that glass of wine but then I wouldn’t know whether what I was going to experience over the final two weeks would be true reflection of the dietary changes I had made.

So I passed on the wine and had a soda water instead and it was delicious!

So here I go into the second half and I’m excited about what further changes may come! Stay tuned for the final update in two weeks time.

There are more testimonials on the Whole30 website if you’d like to hear more stories about how it has improved other people’s health.

(P.s. this post is not sponsored)